How Can I Use Order Enquiry for Orders that Require Material...

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How Can I Use Order Enquiry for Orders that Require Material...

Preactor 2015 comes equipped with Order Enquiry (OE) functionality, however if the OE is for an order that requires material links, a simple one line PESP script first needs to be set up in the PESP Scripts table to run SMC before the order is scheduled.  Please follow the steps below to add this PESP script:

1. Open up a new record in the PESP scripts table.
2. Give the PESP script a name such as 'Order Enquiry'.
3. Set 'For Event' field to 'On Order Enquiry Expanded'.
4. Set 'Action' field to 'Run SMC on Order Enquiry'.
5. On Parameters, for the 'Enquiry Order Id' parameter, check the field 'Use Script Variable' and in the 'Script Variable' field, enter CustomCheckRecordNumber.  On the 'Rule Set Name' parameter, you can either leave empty, or if you have a specific SMC Rule Set that you would like to run, you can enter that here.
6. Click 'OK' on the main 'PESP Event Scripts' dialog, and save the changes and exit the table.

When you raise your OE in the Sequencer, you will firstly need to make sure that there are operations already scheduled, so that existing material can be linked to.  If all of the required material is available, the OE will be scheduled and a completion date returned.  If the Schedule Despite Shortages (SDS) option is switched on, the OE will always be scheduled, even if there are shortages.  If SDS is turned off, and there is any shortage relating to the OE, the OE feature will inform that some operations could not be completed and you are given the choice to abandon the OE, or accept it.  If you accept the OE in this case, the order will be placed in the 'Unscheduled Operations' window.  Shortages can be reviewed either through the BOM Shortages Summary report, or through Material Explorer (available in AS Professional or AS Ultimate). 

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