Troubleshooting Network License Issues (Preactor 11.1+)

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Troubleshooting Network License Issues (Preactor 11.1+)


A Preactor network license is inaccessible from a client machine, in Preactor 11.1 or later (FlexNet licensing).


The issue may be due to poor network performance, incorrect licensing, a firewall blocking access, services not running, or the command definition file being incorrectly configured.



Check that the license server can be accessed from the client machine and remove any barriers to connectivity. For example, if attempting to access a FlexNet license via a wireless access point, use a wired connection instead.


Check that the 'Advanced Details' of the license are correct in the Network License Utility.

On the license server open the Network License Utility from the Start menu (Start, All Programs, Preactor International, Preactor Network License Manager, Network License Utility). On the window that asks you if you want to activate or evaluate, right click the title bar and select 'Advanced Details …'. 

If this is blank, there are no licenses active. Ensure that the correct utility is being used, network or local. If licenses are active, a license text block similar to below will be displayed:
Fulfillment ID: FID__xxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxx__xxxx
Entitlement ID: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxx
Product ID: NAME=Preactor 500;VERSION=1
Suite ID: NONE
Expiration date: 25-Dec-2015
Feature line(s):
INCREMENT 500aps PREACTOR 1.0 31-dec-2015 1 VENDOR_STRING=####xxxx
\ISSUED=5-aug-2011 SN=493xxxx START=27-jul-2011
This text block is for the license indicated by the serial number in the INCREMENT line, i.e. at SN=493xxxx. The Trust Flag should indicate FULLY TRUSTED, otherwise the license may be corrupt; contact Preactor Support. If the Expiration Date has already passed, check if there is another license text block for the same license in the details. Check that the most recent activation has been applied. The line 'Entitlement ID' is the activation ID needed to activate the license.


There are two services that enable network licenses to be accessible across a network, 'FLEXnet Licensing Service' and 'Preactor License Manager'. This can be found under'Services' in the Windows Control Panel, or by typing 'services.msc'into the 'Run…' dialogue or Windows Start menu search box. The services should have the Status 'Started', and the Startup Type 'Automatic'.

If for some reason the services should stop running, try to restart the service. If the service fails to restart, delete the state configuration files and restart the services. The files are located in the Network License Manager installation folder, typically:
'C:\Program Files\Preactor International\Network License Manager\conf\activation_state.xml' and
'C:\Program Files\Preactor International\Network License Manager\conf\concurrent_state.xml'


If a firewall is running on either server or client, it is likely that exceptions are required; see the following knowledge base article: Firewall and Network License Manager configuration
Preactor is configured to use automatic port allocation by default. We recommend using a specific port. Configure the Preactor Network License Manager to use a specific port as detailed in the online help:

Command File

Check that the client is configured to use the correct license in the command definition file.

The license should be set to use network licensing (Override Default License Setting), and the correct product should be selected (Specify Which Product to Run / License) : Network Licensing Help

Right-click the client command file to select the Modify option. On the Licenses tab ensure that the option to Override default license settings is ticked, and the Use network license option is selected. Enter the IP address of the server. The server name should also work.

If a specific port has been specified for the Vendor License Daemon in the Network License Manager the port must be set in the command definition file. 

If a specific license has been set (with the 'Use specific license' checkbox set and with a License number) check that the license number matches that specified in Advanced Details in the Network License Utility. 


It may be possible to determine the reason for lack of license connectivity through the License Utility on the client. After attempting to start Preactor, when the Activate Preactor window is displayed, right-click on the title bar and select 'Advanced Details ...'. A further dialogue should be displayed giving the attempts the License Utility has made to connect to any licenses. 

Attempting to find 500APS license
Found 2 licences with the required features
Rejected 4939999 due to serial number
Rejected 4930253 due to serial number
In this example, Preactor was able to find a license but didn't use it because it doesn't match the license number specified in the command definition file.

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