Running Preactor With A Network Hardware License Installed...

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Running Preactor With A Network Hardware License Installed...

If you wish to run Preactor on a computer where a network hardware license is installed locally, you will first need to install 'HASP License Manager' from here choose the '' option.  When the download is complete, extract the contents of the .zip file, run the 'lmsetup.exe'.  The Aladdin HASP License Manager software should be installed on the computer where the network license will reside and needs to be running for the licenses to be used.  Follow the on screen instructions of the 'HASP License Manager' setup program to complete the installation. 

A 'NetHASP.ini' file also needs to be downloaded from here if you are running Preactor on the same machine that a network hardware license is plugged into (the file you download will depend on what network protocol you are using) save the downloaded 'NetHASP.ini' file in the Preactor executable directory (typically this will be 'C:\Program Files\Preactor International\Preactor 10' this path will depend on where you chose to install these files on installation of Preactor) of the computer running Preactor.

Open up the 'netHASP.ini' file in a text editor such as note pad and follow the instructions provided in the file, because the network hardware license is installed locally you will need to enter a loop back address IP address, which is:

Here is an example of what a NetHASP.ini file may look like with a loop back IP address entered:

;; This NetHASP.INI file is configured to TCPIP.
;; Please enter the address of the machine which the NetHASP key is connected to;

NH_TCPIP = Enabled;    ; Use the TCP/IP protocol


NH_SERVER_ADDR =;    ; IP addresses of all the NetHASP
     ; License Managers you want to search.
     ; Unlimited addresses and multiple
     ; lines are possible.
     ; Possible address format examples:
     ; IP address:
     ; Local Hostname:

NH_TCPIP_METHOD = UDP   ; Send a TCP packet or UDP packet
     ; Default:  UDP

     ; Note: HASP API v8.x supports UDP,
     ; it doesn't support TCP.

NH_USE_BROADCAST = Enabled   ; Use TCPI/IP Broadcast mechanism.
     ; Default:  Enabled

To use a Preactor license, make sure that 'HASP License Manager' is running.  You will need to modify the .prcdf file that you use to launch Preactor.  To do this right click on the .prcdf file and select the 'Modify With Preactor 10' option, and make sure that the 'Network Hard Key' option is selected in the 'License' section.  The correct level of 'Preactor Functionality' should also be set depending on the Preactor system you have purchased.  You should now be ready to use your Preactor system.

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