This code is for update number x and has already been run

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This code is for update number x and has already been run

If the following error occurs when applying a .prkey update file:

[393xxxx] [FAIL] [Copy protection parameter changing.

Version: 3.8, Product code: PR_LITE, Serial no.: xxxxxxxxx, Update number 6.

This code is for update number 5 and has already been run.



It may be because the site_info.xml that was submitted to the license server was not the most up to date version.  To ensure that the most up to date version of the site_info.xml is submitted to the license server, run the program called prini.exe (prini.exe will typically be located in the executable directory e.g. Program Files\Preactor International\Preactor10), this loads up the 'Preactor Protection' dialog, in 'Windows explorer' browse to the location of where the license site is situated and delete the site_info.xml file, and then press 'OK' in the 'Preactor Protection' dialog.  A new site_info.xml file will be created in the license site location.  Attach the site_info.xml to an e-mail and address the e-mail to, a return e-mail will contain a .prkey update file, apply this update file.  If an error still persists please contact

In the event that there are multiple license sites on the same computer and prini.exe is not bringing up the one that needs a new site_info.xml generated, load up license site manager, highlight the license, right click and select 'Properties', on the 'Properties' dialog click the 'Refresh' button, click 'OK' to close the 'Properties' dialog.  Select the 'Request License Activation / Update' this will attach a newly created site_info.xml file to an e-mail, please send this e-mail to , if for some reason the e-mail never loads, please manually attach the site_info.xml to an e-mail and send to

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