Turn off the ''Enter a user name and password to access the data...

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Turn off the ''Enter a user name and password to access the data...

If when viewing a report in Preactor the prompt, 'Enter a user name and password to access the data source' is displayed, follow the steps below to prevent the prompt.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and access the 'Report Manager', e.g. http://localhost/reports$sqlexpress/. Select the 'DataSources' folder.
  2. Find the configuration folder name in the listed datasources, e.g. 'Stand Alone Evaluation v10', and select it.
  3. Select 'Windows integrated security'
  4. If there is no connection string present, enter one appropriately, e.g. Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=Stand Alone Evaluation v10;Integrated Security=True (this can be found in the .prcdf file used to open Preactor).
  5. Apply the changes and view the report within Preactor. A user name and password should no longer be required.

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